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This page contains only a short English summary of the content written in Croatian. For more info about our activities please follow the links to our Croatian page and use Google translate.

What is the Croatian Makers League?


The Croatian Makers League is a part of the project Croatian Makers which was started by the NGO ‘The Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity’ (Croatian acronym IRIM).

The aim of the League is to enable a wide-ranging inclusion of robotics, automation and programing into elementary school education. All participants will receive the required robots as a loan and eventually into permanent ownership.

The platform for the league is the educational robot mBot which facilitates a very easy entry into the world of robotics, but also allows for more advanced use.


The competition is split into two categories: grades 1-5 and 6-8 of elementary school. The competitions will be held approximately once a month and the first tasks in the competition will be following the line, finding a lost friend and obstacle avoidance.

In 2015./2016. school year our plan was to include 50-60 schools and youth centers. Initially 400 mBot educational robots were purchased for League purposes, 6 per team. Due to an overwhelming interest in the League, 220 schools were included in the first wave and more than 1000 robots were donated throughout Croatia.

In next school year, 2016./2017. we have opened a new call with goal to include 100 new schools into the project. Again, due to an overwhelming interest, we included 141 new schools into League.

Currently, Croatian Makers League includes more than 360 schools with more than 8000 participans throughout Croatia.

How to apply?

Adults involved in institutional education of youth can make an application for their schools and youth centers. Accountable adults are also responsible for the equipment needed for competition purposes. Private institutions or organizations that receive tuition fees or dues can participate in the League, but will have to buy the necessary equipment themselves. Committee composed of: Nenad Bakić, Rujana Bakic, Igor Žonja, Vlado Lendvaj and Paolo Zenzerović will select the participants.

Applications to the League are currently closed. For all news about the League and new applications to the league please follow our news about the League at News from the CM League (in Croatian only).


How do you get your mBot?

By being accepted as a participant in the League each contestant is entrusted with a number of mBots which he can use throughout the competition season. 5 rounds are planned in the competition season and participation in at least 4 rounds is required for all applicants. All participants who take part in at least 4 rounds at the end of the competition receive their mBots into permanent ownership!

The distribution of mBots will take place before the start of the League in one of the regional centers of the League at an initial workshop for all teachers and group leaders.


How is the competition organized?

All participants will be divided into regional groups and events will be organized in regional centers all across Croatia. Part of the competition will be held online at the premises of competition participants. The objective is that all participants from all over Croatia can complete the online round in one afternoon during a work week.

The primary plan is for the initial two or three rounds to be held with a physical presence of the participants at a regional center and the rest of the rounds to be completed with a video link or video documentation – the participants can compete from their own schools or youth centers.


Where will the results be published?

In addition to this website the results of the League will be published in Jutarnji List, so be sure to try your best as all of Croatia is looking at you!


How to follow the development and news about the Croatian Makers League?

All significant news about the League and new possibilities for participation can be followed at News from the CM League (in Croatian only).

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In September 2015 the Croatian Makers League started, we have up till now donated more than 1800 robots to more than 360 schools and youth centers so that they can compete in the league.

Croatian Makers is a privately financed initiative developing and deploying a ‘layered family of platforms’ for STEM initiatives in school.
This page contains only a short English summary of the content written in Croatian. For more info about our activities please follow the links to our Croatian page and use Google translate.