Croatian Makers & T-Hrvatski Telekom

Advanced IoT in Croatian schools is technologically most advanced project by now for the whole Croatian Makers ecosystem has been, financed primarily by Croatian Telecom, which has been the largest outside donor, IRIM winning 2 of its major grants.

Using advanced Arduino technology, 100 educational institutions – schools, NGOs, orphanages – simultaneously measured and publicly displayed 7 ecological variables, including micro-particles. That final demonstration was preceded by two calls for creative projects in using IoT related to smart homes and pets and domestic animals.

Using the strength of the Croatian Makers network and the great dedication of mentor-teachers in those schools and the enthusiasm of their pupils, with the help of T-Hrvatski Telekom every year we are conducting new and interesting projects.

At the moment, we are focusing on Internet of Things technologies.

Our goal is to ensure maximum success and demonstrate what can really be done in schools with relatively small funds.

On the side you can see the “heat-map” of Croatia from the final presentation of the collaboration project of the pupils of Croatia. In more than 100 educational institutions they did projects to simultaneously measure atmospheric variables!

Croatian Makers is a privately financed initiative developing and deploying a ‘layered family of platforms’ for STEM initiatives in school.
This page contains only a short English summary of the content written in Croatian. For more info about our activities follow the links to our Croatian page.