STEM revolution

The most democratic IRIM’s project was introducing coding to Croatian educational system and communities at an unprecedented level using a physical-computing controller micro:bit. Previously, there was no coding in Croatian schools, apart from patchy optional subject.

STEM revolution is primarily funded by the most successful crowdfunding campaign ever in Croatia (link is here). It brought 25,000 coding devices to more than 1,000 institutions in Croatia (elementary and secondary school, universities, libraries, orphanages …) together with developing curriculum and teaching the teachers.

Teachers and other mentors working with elementary school children were educated via series of free workshops across Croatia. Children and mentors were motivated to use the technology, BBC micro:bits by participating in contests in which they had to come up with creative solutions to real life problems and different topics.

IRIM made good collaboration with Micro:bit foundation that supports our work. In 2018. the Foundation opened Global challenge for solving Sustainable Development Goals from UN. IRIM is delivery partner for Europe for this project. You can read more about it here.

Croatian Makers is a privately financed initiative developing and deploying a ‘layered family of platforms’ for STEM initiatives in school.
This page contains only a short English summary of the content written in Croatian. For more info about our activities please follow the links to our Croatian page and use Google translate.