Digital Citizen: Newly Included Libraries from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo

170 libraries from the region are participating in the project!


Digital Citizen is a project by the Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity (IRIM) which will transform participating public libraries into digital innovation and education centres.

At the end of November we made a public call for libraries from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia to participate in the project and receive a donation of equipment. Interest for participation was very high. Please check the list of included libraries below.

All the libraries already participating in the STEM revolution continues project were included (over 100 libraries) and 70 new libraries from the region were added.

The selection of libraries was not an easy task. We received over 120 applications, and 70 were selected (please see the complete list of newly included libraries here or on the map (maps for each country can be seen here: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo). In total 170 libraries from the region are participating in the project Digital Citizen: 100 libraries from the project STEM revolution continues and the newly included libraries listed above.

The first equipment (micro:bits) will be distributed soon to the newly included libraries, and the first cycle of education for librarians will follow right after.

Micro:bits can already be borrowed in some libraries, while in others they will soon be available. In addition to micro:bits, we will equip libraries also with BOSON do it yourself kits and we will donate 3D printers to selected libraries.

Our aim is to help libraries in their development by transforming them into innovative centres of digital competencies. They will be places for children and adults to acquire new skills and knowledge by borrowing and using equipment and by participating in free educational coding and digital creation workshops.

More about workshops and borrowing of equipment is coming soon!

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